So PokemonGo was released to the public a few days ago and it has literally taken control of the world and everyone’s life, including mine. I have spent the past few days trying to “Catch’em all” but the only Pokemon that spawn are ones that I already have or Zubats and Rattatas! Yesterday was the only actual day that I went Pokemon Hunting. I accompanied Frankie on his date with his girlfriend to the movies but I didn’t actually STAY with them. I asked my mom if I could go exploring, I expected a “Que Pokemon, mejor ponte a limpiar toda esta casa que parece de locos!” response but she answered with a yes instead.My journey began but I had absolutely no Pokeballs, so I headed to some PokeStops at Red Lobster and O’Charleys. Most of my adventure consisted on walking back and forth from the PokeStops to get as much Pokeballs as possible. Not only did I get Pokeballs but I also got some Potions, Revives, Razz berries, and some awkward stares. Before my first adventure I had caught a Pikachu, Gastly, Pidgeot, Jigglypuff, Squirtle, and others. Yesterday I caught Mankey, Parasect, Psyduck, and a Bulbasaur! Because I had chosen Charmander as my first Pokemon now I have all 3 starter Pokemon along with some new ones😍.I really LOVE PokemonGo but if I could I would change some things about the ridiculously and unsurprisingly addictive game by Niantic.

First, it would be amazing if they could fix the small bugs that cause damage to the experience of the gamer. This would tremendously help the player truly dive into the world of Pokemon without setbacks.

Second, I would really love to see more updates to the game. These include the feature of trading and battling Pokemon. Adding these 2 features would catapult the game into an even higher world of fun and would cause the “Pokemon Fever” to spread across the world even faster!

IDK, but maybe even adding a backstory to the character that we use would be amazing. Possibly even similar to the game of Lifeline by 3 Minute Games would be awesome. Being able to choose your characters path to become a Pokemon Master would be amazing or how he/she found and chose their team, whether it be Valor, Mystic, or Instinct.

The 3rd thing I would like to see come true is the ability to customize your character even more! Such customizations could include but are not limited to skin color, eye color, eye shape, nose shape and size, hair style, clothing styles w/ different colors, hat options, and shoe options! Being able to make the character look more like the player will make such a great difference and will help the player feel that he/she is truly becoming a Pokemon Master!

The 4th and possibly the last thing I would love to see PokemonGo add is the ability to choose one of your Pokemons to walk by your side the same way Pikachu does with Ash and the ability to add friends within the app so that they can chat and see where their relative area is. Can you imagine walking down the street knowing that Pikachu is by your side? It would be the best feeling in the world! And what if you could directly chat with your friends within the app so that you can plan your next Pokemon Adventure? Absolutely amazing!

Comment what you think PokemonGo should add! Also tell me about the Pokemon you have caught and the Team you have chosen to represent!

(I have chosen Team Valor🔥, because it’s the best😉, just saying)