I just watched this TedTalk and it has completely changed my perspective on death. I used to believe that we would be born, make some decisions in life, then die. Now I believe that we can do so much more! Everything we do in our lives counts including helping an elderly woman carry her grocery goods to her car or giving some food to a stray dog. Death doesn’t have to be something that causes grief, instead it should be something that lets one understand that their loved one did great things in life and that they should too.Candy Chang tells us an inspiring story about how she lost someone very important and her mission to help her community grow in a neighborhood-oriented manner. In order to accomplish this Candy and her team designed a chalk wall and placed it on neglected building. The chalk board read “Before I Die…” and with lots of empty lines so that people walking by could write on them with the chalk provided. It had a magnificent success and now there are many similar boards in many places including Naples, Italy and Toledo, USA!! 

Feel free to visit http://www.beforeidie.cc  to see if one of these walls is near you!

QOTD: What do you want to do before you die? Please answer in the comments below! 

PS – Yesterday I met a girl and her dream is to become a professional basketball player! Make sure to wish her the best on her Instagram account: @basketballstatus

TedTalk – Candy Chang – Before I Die