Ok, let’s be honest, you will always encounter differences or disagreements everywhere and at every stage of your life. Just like complicated math equations, there are many ways to solve the problem but some are better than others.

Yesterday, my siblings and I were at home and it was time to do chores, but we couldn’t decided who was going to was wash dishes, who was going to vacuum, and who was going to take out the trash. We spent almost 30 minutes arguing about our dilemma, but got absolutely nothing positive out of it, so that’s why I recommend to do something else rather than arguing. In order to solve the problem we made a list of the chores from more desirable to least desirable and played a tournament of Connect4. 1st place would get the most desirable and 3rd the least.

Of course there are many different ways to solve differences, so that’s why I will give you the Top 3 Ways to Solve Differences. 

Number 3: Physical Activities 
This is a great way to solve your a disagreement because it allows you to spend all the negative energy in the activity instead of using it to argue! Some of these activities include racing each other, jump rope competition, soccer ball dribbling, basketball free throws, or anything else your imagination will let you do.
Number 2: Casual Games

Casual games are absolutely amazing! Not only are they fun but they are also a fantastic way to decide who’s washing dishes and who is throwing away the trash. Some of these fantastic games include Connect4, Jenga, Sorry, Twister, and many others!
Number 1: Rock, Paper, Scissors 

This is the ultimate disagreement breaker! It’s very simple and can be done anywhere and everywhere. There will be no need to exert yourself or go out and buy games. All you need is someone to have a disagreement with, lol. 

Those are the Top 3 Ways to Solve Differences! Please like this post, share with your awesome friends, and comment your favorite way to settle a disagreement! Thanks for all the love and support!