I love Instagram. I probably use it more than my other social media simply because it’s awesome and there are lost of fantastic people to follow. I know most of you guys also use Instagram so today I’ll give you the Top 9 people you should follow. These Instagrams user have outstanding pictures and will provide a different view of the world every time you open Instagram.

1: Alex Strohl (@alexstrohl)

Alex posts awesome pictures! Everything from majestic mountains to wonderful waterfalls. He currently has 1.3 million followers.

2: AirBnB (@airbnb)

AirBnB is an awesome service that you can use to find a somewhere to spend the night. The only thing that is equally as awesome is the pictures they post on their Instagram account. They currently have 1.1 million followers.

3: Nike (@nike)

This Instagram account is filled with awesome videos and picture, not just shoes. Their amazing pictures and videos are perfect for those who love sports. Nike currently has 56.7 million Instagram followers.

4: Sollytude (@sollytude)

This is possibly one of my favorites simply because of their way of taking pictures. I love their creativity and imagination! Sollytude currently has 15.8 thousand followers!

5: National Geogaphic Travel (@natgeotravel)

I have always loved watching NatGeo on television but this is something different. I absolutely love NatGeo’s pictures. Tbh, you should follow anything that says National Geographic. NatGeoTravel currently has 11.3 million followers.

6: Jimmy Chin (@jimmy_chin)

Jimmy Chin is next on the list. His picture are honestly very outstanding. I love his account and I know you guys will too! He currently has, no surprise, 1.3 million followers!

7: Afar (@afarmedia)

This Instagram is amazing!! I love their way of taking a picture and turning it into a real piece of artwork. Afar currently has 151 thousand followers!!

8: Wonderful Places (@wonderful_places)

If you guys love colorful and vivid picture then you should absolutely follow this account!! Wonderful Places is full of extraordinary pictures and I’m sure they will keep on providing us with more of them. Wonderful Places has 7.2 million followers.

9: Renan Ozturk (@renan_ozturk)

The last Instagram account that makes it on our list is Renan Ozturk! This awesome photographer really knows how to take a picture. Renan currently has 371 thousand followers!

These are the Top 9 Instagram Account You Should Follow! They are NOT in any sort of order so make sure to check all of them out!✌🏼️

Leave your Instagam username in the comments below so we can follow each other!!😊

Some of you may have noticed the new background, this phenomenal piece artwork was created by a friend of mine, Nakia Dukes. She is a very talented artist. Thanks so much Nakia!!

PokemonGo Update:

I have caught a Growlithe and a Rhyhorn!!😍😂