Picture by Alex Strohl

Today I have learned the answer to the most important question to humanity, the question that has befuddled us since the beginning of our existence, What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up? The answer is a Multipotentialite. 

Many of us get asked this question as kids. We usually respond with childish dreams such as Power Ranger, Princess, Pokemon Master (😉), Suphero, etc. These responses are sometimes very cute but what happens when we get asked this question later in life. What do you say? Perhaps you say you want to be a police officer, a teacher, a scientist, a doctor, or a firefighter, but what if you don’t say anything at all. If you don’t respond then you are most likely a Multipotentialite, but what is a Multipotentialite? It’s very simple, someone who is a Multipotentialite is a person with multiple interests and skills. You can consider yourself a Multipotentialite if you love lots of stuff but can’t decide what you want to do for the rest of your life.

I wish I would’ve know about being a Multipotentialite earlier in life, not only to sound like a really smart kid for knowing a word like that, but because it would’ve felt like the right answer. I love lots of things. I love music, I play the Ukulele and the Clarinet🎼. I also love learning about everything!📚 I believe that knowledge is an extremely vital part to accomplishing your dreams. I’m interested in Archery🏹 and Soccer⚽️. These are only some of my many interests and I think that because of my many interests I consider myself a Multipotentialite. 

You DO NOT have to choose one path. You DO NOT have to ONLY be a police officer👮🏽! You can be a music-teaching, poem-writing, football-playing police officer! You can be anything you want, all you have to do is use your Multipotentialite power of Idea Synthesis to find it.

If you want to try something new then use your Multipotentialite power of Rapid Learning to combine what you already know in order to have a satisfying experience!

If you need to quickly transition from being a Pokemon Master to being a Teacher then use your Multipotentialite power of Adaptability! Don’t let yourself become someone who only accepts one part of themselves. Accept all of your interests, accept that you are a Multipotentialite! 

Leave your own response to “What Do You Want Be When You Grow Up”. Tell me your different interests and what you consider yourself to be?