I always encounter people who say that something needs to be done about something but don’t do anything about it. There are  so many things to you can do to make a very small, but vital, difference to the world. Your objective may be to raise money for a certain cause you feel passionate about or it may be volunteering at an event to help others in need. What ever it is you MUST take action. Today I will help you with 3 basic steps/tips to make sure you make a difference.

1- Choose What To Do!

This step is number one because it is extremely important! Choose something that you feel a strong passion for! Just recently Frankie and I helped at a Give-A-Kid-A-Chance event as translators. We chose this event because we love being able to help everyone get ready for school but especially people who don’t speak English. If you love what you are doing it will make it such a phenomenal experience to the volunteer and the one receiving!

2- Be prepared!

Nothing can ruin an adventure more than not being prepared! If you know that you will be walking please DO NOT take shoes that will be uncomfortable. If the event requires you to talk to lots of people make sure that you aren’t shy. Taking some water is generally a good idea. 

3- Take Some Friends

Friends can make the experience so much better! Bringing friends will help with more volunteers and it will make your bond even stronger. Everyone will have a great time and you will make a difference!

YOU can help the world become a better place! Take action and invite others to help you! 

If you have any events or ideas for change please make sure to let me know! I would like to know how to help!

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