We all knew it was coming. No one was completely oblivious to the fact that school was going to start again. Everyone understood that a new school year means the beginning of strenuous work, complex thinking, and possibly even sleepless nights. 

I had prepared all my school supplies the night before. I counted how many compositions journals I had and put them in my bookbag. I did the same with my pencils, pens, highlighters, and binders. That night I also went over my class schedule almost 10 times but it only made me nervous for the new school year. Who would be in my classes? What will my teachers be like? Will I enjoy the class? 

I know it may be a surprise for most of you, and I know most of you guys will disagree with me on this, but I was actually starting to miss school. I was getting virtually bored and I couldn’t think of anything to write about. I felt absolutely lost and an hour felt like 5 but finally it was time to go to sleep for tomorrow. I spent almost an hour trying to sleep but then I blinked and it was finally the 1st of August.

I woke up and went through my daily morning routine. Everything from pressing snooze 3 times to waiting for my 7:40 alarm, letting me know to head towards the bus stop. It rung, this time with the Stargaze ringtone. Frankie, Noel, and I turned off all of the lights, locked the door, and started walking towards our bus stop. 

We were a few steps away when I realized that there were more students than usual, new freshmen. All of them seemed nervous and excited. They seemed to walk in pairs or in small groups. Some talked a lot and others didn’t talk at all. The reality of being a high school student had dawned on them. 

Our bus finally made it to the school and the number of freshman at my bus stop seemed like a drop of water in an eternal ocean. Most followed that same principles, they hanged out in small groups, some talked and others didn’t. They all had their schedules at hand and were comparing their classes. 

The bell rung and I headed towards my homeroom.

As I walked I noticed a change in the atmosphere. The freshman started walking faster and the talking grew louder as the freebies knew that had to get to their homeroom but didn’t know where it was. Soon the halls got quiet and time started flying.

I received all the papers I needed for signing in homeroom. I loved seeing friends again. The bell rung and I went to my Algebra class, I thought it was pretty cool, one of my best friends is in that class. The bell rung again and I went my 2nd period, possibly one of my now favorites, Writers Workshop. I feel that I will absolutely love this class, the teachers are amazing, there are amazing people in the class, and I love writing. 

Time went by extremely fast, soon I had gone through my 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th period. The bell rung one last time and I started walking to the bus lane. As I was walking I encountered some other sophomores, which I won’t name, and I eavesdropped on their conversation. 

They were saying how they absolutely hated their classes and school. One of them said that he would much rather drop out than spend 7 hours “locked up” in a class. On my bus I heard more people complaining, this time freshmen. I was honestly disturbed. How dare they say stuff like that! Don’t they know that some kids can’t go to school because they are girls, because of a disability, because their country is poor, or simply because THERE IS NO SCHOOL! 

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Today I learned that one must completely cherish what they have  so that in the future one can help those who have nothing at all. I am absolutely aware that sometimes I am tired of sitting in a desk for extended period of time but perhaps sitting on that desk could be the best investment for my future. DO NOT let pessimistic people ruin your life, get yourself together and give everything you’ve got to studying so that later in life you can change the world. 


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