So in my blog post “A Tree Without End” I told you guys that I was really interested in the concept of time and past history. Because of that and because of my love for traveling I started my Collection of World Currency! This collection can include American currency that has stopped circulating. I currently have 32 different coins and 6 bills. 25 of the coins are Mexican and 7 are American. 4 of the bills are Mexican and 2 are American. I would love to share what I have at the moment with you guys!


The coins you see above are the current coins you see on a daily basis in the US. All the coins pictures here are the oldest ones I have found!

These are American Dollar coins! These aren’t really seen everyday, they are still made and these are the ones I currently own. My mom has more of these but she won’t share them with me!😂

These are two $2 bills! These are also kinda hard to find but not impossible. You may be wondering why I covered it’s unique identification code and I’ll tell you why. There is this amazing website called Where’s George? which can be used to TRACK dollar bills! I will be releasing one of these two bills, along with some other ones, to the world! I don’t someone to think it’s funny to add a fake entry because it would make the whole “tracking” part useless. I’m really excited to see how far the bill will get, if you ever encounter my bill make sure to 1) add it to Where’s George? and 2) let me know!

This is their website:


The top 2 and bottom left bill I collected when I traveled to Mexico this past summer! The bill on the bottom right is an old 20 pesos bill that isn’t made anymore. My dad gave it to me before I left and it was the very first bill that began my World Currency collection.

These coins are the current coins you will use if you travel to Mexico. I also acquired these while visiting MX.

These coins are worth 5 pesos each but they aren’t like the one shown above. These were made to celebrate 100 years since Mexico’s Revolution. I currently have only 3 but I think there are way more.

These coins range from 1963 to 2005. The only coin which is sometimes still seen is the 10 cent coin.

These coins are probably my favorite. They range from 1977 to 2010! One of of features Juana de Asbaje who was a Mexican writer and considered to be a contributor to the Spanish Golden Age. I did some research to see if it still had some monetary worth, it falls between 1 or 2 American dollars, which isn’t much, but I still love it!

Those are all the current coins I have in my World Currency collection! I hope to expand and add to my collection when ever I travel!

Please tell me if you also have a collection of something in the comments! Weird or not! I would like to know.

Thanks for all the love and support!

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