Today we visited Stone Mountain Park for the first time and it was absolutely amazing! I really enjoyed it and recommend visiting it if you live near Atlanta, GA or if your traveling near it! It was such an an amazing view, a sea of green below you and a dome of everlasting blue above. It was a truly a unique experience but there was one thing that let me realize something about the reality we all live in. It was how a enormous piece of granite could be better at unifying unique humans better than humans themselves!

Today I saw a French-speaking family, a disabled man, a Muslim woman, and many colored people come together to watch the world from a different perspective. No one paid attention to each other differences and everyone enjoyed the day, smiles invading people’s faces at every instance.

The world is facing so many problems. When I turn on the news I see that there has been a new terrorist attack and sometimes I learn that more kids don’t have have access to drinkable water and education. I am so glad to see that there are people that know how to respect others and not judge because of their race, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, or status. This makes me happy because it lets me know, and the world, that we can come together to fight the problems that we encounter as humans. Discrimination is taught, not inherited. Everyone is born without discrimination, if you don’t believe me then watch the video below. These kids were properly raised with the fact that everyone should respect each other regardless of their differences. 

This video shows me that humanity can change. Judge people because of their character and actions, not because of how they look.  

Please tell me about a time in which you knew there are some humans that aren’t discriminative!