To watch the video click here! The video is in Spanish so use subtitles if necessary!✌🏼️
Last week, I had to turn in an essay  as part of my application for Class President. My essay was to state one of my school’s characteristic that makes it unique and a challenge that it must overcome. I said that diversity is what makes our school unique, this is because every student at CHS is absolutely unique. During one part I said that I sometimes encounter a father-less Spanish speaking student who wishes to become a doctor and other times I will meet someone totally different. These daily conversations with unique people create an amazing and intelligent atmosphere at school.

I believe that only within diversity can new ideas and thoughts begin to unravel. If everyone was the same, with nothing to differentiate, then we would all have the same ideas and we, as a society, would not make progress.

Diversity is necessary for success and progress but it is a challenge to the world, a great example of this is at my school. On a daily basis I talk to people who have different dreams and views on life, unique aspects. Because of this, some students may feel a barrier between each other. As class president I would like to take action in order to break those barriers. I want to see students grow academically and socially by meeting some different, by comparing thoughts, and understanding that the world is filled with more than 7 billion different minds.

The TED talk shown above gives us a perfect example of how differences can make a change in the world. Honestly, I admire Los Murciélagos because of their valor and unceasing diligence. Their hard work only proves that dreams are realities waiting to be awoken.
Question of the Day: Do you encounter Diversity, when, and what do you think about it?