I frequently have to edit videos for the classes I take at school and for a long time I struggled with editing my videos. I just couldn’t find the right app to edit my videos but then I heard about Splice. Splice is an amazing, easy to use, app that will allow you to edit your videos!


I use this app a lot! It’s got a user-friendly format and anyone can easily create awesome videos!

Once you download it and you open it you will see this on your screen. To start on a new project you just tap on the “+” in the right corner of your screen.


After clicking on the plus sign this screen will appear. From here you will be able to select all the pictures and videos you would like to be on your project. I love the way Splice set this part up because its easy to navigate all you do is tap on what you want and once you have selected everything need you just tap on “Add”.

(PS: The pictures you see in this screenshot will be used in a future blog!)


Once your media is selected and you click on “Add” you will be taken to a screen where you will be able to select music that can be used in your video. Splice has provided some nice music, my favorite is probably City Light in the Dance and Electronic category! Notice that in the right corner of your screen there is a “Skip” option. If you feel that you won’t need music for your video or if decide to choose it later you can use this option.


After selecting your music, or skipping this step, you will see this screen. This is a magical screen because it is where you will name your project and where you will be able to do other things. You will also be able to choose if you want your video to be in landscape or portrait format. The other things  you can adjust can be seen in the picture below. Once your finished with this screen you tap on “Done”.img_3711

After tapping on “Done” you will truly begin to start editing your video. From this page you can either trim or cut your video. You can add music just like I explained earlier and you can do many more things such as adding text and changing the speed.


Once you feel that you have successfully edited you video then you simply tap on the share button on the right corner of your screen. After doing so a screen like the one shown below will appear. From here you will be able to share your video using social media or you can save it to your camera roll!


So that’s it! Splice is an amazing app! It’s easy to use and you can do phenomenal things with it! Oh, did I mention that it’s free? Well, it is! Make sure to download it!

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