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What small thing could you do TODAY that would add the most value to someone’s life?

My Answer:

Today I will personally wish my father a happy and family-filled birthday! I firmly believe that spending quality time as family is the most precious gift one can receive on their birthday! Of course, I do have some material/physical gifts but I know that if I could only afford to give him time he would still love it! Feliz cumpleaños papá espero que disfrutes tu dia!

This picture was taken at the MEXvsPAR soccer match at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia.
But, in general, one thing I believe everyone can do is say hello. This word, I firmly believe, contains the power to change the world. Imagine being in a library, the room is quiet and is filled with books on many subjects. You, literally, have a small percentage of the world’s information at your fingertips. You’re sitting a small table, reading something you picked up, and on the table to your right you see someone else. She seems to be in deep thought and from her face you can tell that she has had a rough day, that’s the only thing you can tell.What you don’t know is that just a few hours earlier she was told that someone very important to her had been either hurt or diagnosed with some sort of disease. Also, just a week earlier, her pet dog had been run over, and now she was worried about how she would manage to find the money necessary to help her canine friend.

You decide to go talk to her. You stand up, drop your book on the table, and sit across from her. You say hello and you introduce yourself. Then she introduces herself and begins explaining what had happened. Of course, in that moment nothing has changed to solve her problems, but now at least, she has someone to talk to het and support her.

Saying “Hello” is powerful and can truly add value to someone’s life.

bloggerxBlogger – Freya

“One thing I could do today to add value to someone’s life is to make them smile and let them know they’re loved! Giving someone a call to ask how they are, or a short little FaceTime conversation can really brighten someone’s day, especially if you’ve taken time out of your day to help make theirs a little better! If you don’t know them personally, you can always throw a compliment their way! Like someone’s blog post? Then leave a comment and let them know! Think their outfit looks cute? Ask them where they got it! And if you’re not confident enough to do that, then just give them a radiant smile. A little loving can go a long way!”


Blogger – Rebecca Torres

I would simply show them whether I just met them or not that I am there for them and that I care. I would tell them that I support them and if they need anything I am there to lend a hand. I will push them to set goals in their life and help them reach it as much as I can.”


Blogger – Ellie

“The best way to make somebody’s day better doesn’t have to cost you lots of money or you don’t even have to go to a lot of effort to do so. The best things in life are free and so that’s why I think the best way to show someone you value and appreciate them is to smile. Regardless of your past relationships a smile can just show to someone that they are loved and it can make somebody’s day just that little bit better. You don’t even have to know the person well anyone you pass in the street is worthy of a smile. After all it is only a few muscle movements to make someone’s day so much better. A smile can be the tie breaker between a good or a bad day! By sharing a smile you are promoting happiness and happiness makes you a happier person which is largely the ultimate goal!


Friend – Jamorad K.

“Help someone achieve their destiny or goal by not being jealous of what they do or what they have.”

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