Ok . So…

Lots of us spend most of our lives on YouTube… or at least I do.

So today I clicked on the little “Fire” icon (the current most hot videos of YouTube) and I tapped on “Mad Lib Theater with Benedict Cumberbatch” by The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. It was absolutely funny!

“Then why does security camera footage show you gyrating just half a millimeter away from the crime scene?”


I absolutely loved it and couldn’t stop laughing for a while. After watching I scrolled through the suggested videos and decided to tap on “Jimmy Kimmel Hires Dr. Strange”.

Also a phenomenal video and once I finished watching it I click on another…

This one actually makes me really look forward to watching Dr. Strange which has already come out in the U.S.! Then after spending 12 minutes on that one I scrolled once again through the suggested videos and click on this one:

Then after that, I watched this one…(Personally, I thought this one was fake but I watched it anyway, lol)

Then this…


So then I went from Top 10 Most Funny Performances Got Talent (which took a while but was absolutely funny!) to  Kevin Hart Co-Hosts with Ellen! to Drake and Jared Leto Play Never Have I Ever to The Evolution of The Joker to Joker VS Sweet Tooth. Then as I scrolled again through the suggested videos, I saw one that said “Recommended for you” and I watched 12 Times Professor McGonagall Was a Boss Witch then to Harry Potter, As Told in Spells to Why Lily Chose James Over Snape.

So I spent a very long time on a Harry Potter videos, way too much time. I started with Jimmy Fallon and Benedict Cumberbatch and ended up watching lots of Harry Potter movie scenes and theories!

Tell me about your YouTube experiences. I wonder who will have the weirdest changes. Can anyone beat going from Jimmy Fallon and Benedict Cumberbatch to Harry Potter?

While I was watching some awesome Harry Potter videos I was reminded about a friend of mine. She absolutely LOVES the world of Harry Potter! Her name is Lauren and she participated in the previous ‘Questions’ entry which you can read by clicking here. I’ve only known her for less than four months but I can already tell that we will have one of the strongest friendships ever.


One day we were talking and somehow we ended up talking about making a Friendship Contract. A Friendship Contract is exactly what it sounds like, a signed document with terms regarding the friendship between the two people. Here are some parts of the contract we’ve been working on:




Rolo’s Life Tip #1: If your friend ever does something that bothers you please follow the regulations as stated in Section 4 of the Friendship Contract! Do NOT avoid and ignore them as this will only cause a fracture in said friendship.

Lauren, thanks for being awesome!

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