Happy Turkey Day!!

This is going to be a quick, short, and painless blogpost. I promise.

Every day I wake up and the first thing on my head is “Can I sleep for one more hour?” then I get up and go through my daily routine. I end up in school and go through all of my classes. First period I am focusing on factoring quadratic binomials and second period on my novel. In fifth I learn and memorize polyatomic ions and sixth I learn about pre-Columbian societies in America. Then the bell rings and I go home. The sun sets and I prepare to go to sleep only to wake up to ask if I can sleep for one more hour. Yet never within those 24 hours did I say thanks. These are the 9 things I am thankful for.

1 – Family: Gracias por todo lo que han hecho por mi.


2 – Friends: Honesly, what can I say? Thanks to those of you who really care about me. I will never let you guys go, I promise.

3 – Criminal Minds: I am speechless…

4 – Teachers: Thanks to those who keep my mind refreshed with information that I may or may not use in the future. Shifu.gif

5 – Food and Water: I am extremely thankful for the availability of food and water because I know that there are many outside of my four walls that have nothing.

6 – Our American Soldiers: I don’t know if I can express my gratitude perfectly just through words but it’s the least everyone can do. If you are a soldier then THANK YOU! Thank you for risking our life for our freedoms and for giving up time with your family during this night to serve this amazing country which I call home. Thank you.


7 – Diversity: Without it then the world would be utterly boring.

8 – Action: I am very thankful that people are willing to take action to help others. If you would like to take action then I encourage you to visit Beat Out Cancer. Help spread the word!

9 – GOD: Personally. I think that without God I would be completely lost. I am very thankful for his guidance and love.

Thanks for reading guys!

Rolo’s Life Tip #2 – GET OFF YOUR PHONE/TABLET/LAPTOP! Spend time with your loved ones! Enjoy their company to the fullest of extent!

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