If you read my blogpost called My Useless Collection of Paper and Metal, you will know that I traveled to México last year.  It was one of the most memorable experiences I have ever had and I hope to return as soon as I can!

I knew that I wanted to take as many pictures and videos as I could so I bought a SanDisk Flash Drive that I could easily connect to my IPhone. During my adventure I filled it up with SO MANY pictures and videos, it was honestly one of the best trips I have ever taken! I was honestly really looking forward to this trip. I had spent almost 13 years without seeing my grandparents and with this trip I got to see them again! I also got to meet my aunts, uncles, and cousins!

On the day we were supposed to return home we woke up early in the morning to be prepared and to NOT FORGET ANYTHING! Guess what I forgot. Yes, your right. I forgot my playing cards so my siblings and I spent a few hours in the Benito Juarez airport bored out of our mind. Oh, and I forgot my flash drive! So when we got home I could not show my parents what we had seen. I messaged my aunts and let them know that I forgot it, they found it and I received it a while ago.

So today, I want to show you guys what I saw. I truly hope you guys learn a few things!

When most people imagine Mexico they probably think of the following:

Those places are amazing and I was lucky to visit some of them. During out trip we got to visit Monte Alban, La Basilica, El Monumento de Los Niños Heroes, and el Zocalo.

I was also able to see parts of Mexico that may not be as famous but that are equal in beauty. These places include my parent’s hometown and cities such as Miahuatlan. Here are some pictures that show the things I was able to experience.

When I visited my mom’s mother in La Union, Oaxaca I learned that she has to pull out water from a well. This is the water we used to shower and the water we used to drink. Before we were able to drink it though, we had to boil it. This was to make sure the water was clean.


Our Uncle showed us the lands which my father owns. There is currently nothing built on them, but it is a really beautiful thing to see. With time, these lands will belong to my siblings and I.
My aunt and uncle live a few hours away from the City of Mexico. The image above  shows buckets which are filled with lots of money. They do this because the city provides water but at irregular intervals. We used this water to bathe and to drink. This water was also boiled before being drunk.
The toy tricycle which my sister is pictured riding is the SAME one Frankie and I used when we visited Mexico at the age of 3!
The building to the far left is my grandmother’s kitchen and bedroom. The building in the middle is the bathroom/shower. The shack to the far right is where she makes handmade tortillas.
This is where our my grandmother allows her neighbor and close family friend to farm crops. They share whatever is farmed.
This is the “comal” and this is my grandmother makes handmade tortillas. Corn stalks are used as fuel.
This is a picture when our neighbor was using the “comal” to make tortillas.
This is our neighbor rolling flour and pressing them to make circular shapes in order to put them on the “comal” later.
These three cute babies belong to our neighbors. The mother watches them from the background.
This is in the city of San Andres. A fair-like vibe is given when this simple but beautiful city is visited.
This is the entrance to a school in the city of La Union. It is only a fraction of the size of my own school here in the U.S.
We found a scorpion while we were heating some water for our showers.
This is our neighbor/family friend preparing the land for the upcoming season!


These are some the beautiful paintings in the city of Miahautlan.
This is where we heated up the water where we used to take showers. There is no running water, so we would shower using a small container to pour water on ourselves.
This is where we would wash our clothing.

Here’s a video that depicts our adventure.

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