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Everyone has opposing views and everyone can express them. We just have to make sure that the manner in which one expresses themselves isn’t with derogatory terms or offensive ways.

With that in mind, let’s tackle a question that has played a large role in our universe.

What are your thoughts on homosexuality?

I think it all comes down to five words: It’s none of your business.

Let them be. You be you and don’t worry what they do and what they don’t. Honestly, if you have enough time to judge other’s decisions then you should reconsider a few of your own decisions.

Some people argue that there are religious reasons that support that homosexuality is a sin. I can’t argue that this is true or false because I still need to read more and form my own opinions. I have searched up a few things online from both the Pro and Anti side, and I think they may help you with deciding where you stand. Regardless of what I read though, I believe that no one, but GOD, has the right to judge others. Don’t worry about others and make sure you’re complying with your own beliefs. Respect the differences in between you and someone else.

Romans 12:10 ESV

Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor.

I will treat you just like I would any other person if you identify yourself as being gay, lesbian, or anything else. Why does anyone believe that someone may not be capable of doing what “normal” people do because of who they love? Luckily, we are making gigantic steps to embrace our differences with the LGBT+ community. Someone even tried to marry their lawnmower.

There will be times when you encounter people that disagree with you. It’s OK. Those people will use derogatory terms and may curse. It’s OK. They will make your insides feel horrible and make you feel like something you’re not. It’s OK. Learn from those people and embrace what they’re saying so that in the future you are better able to debate your beliefs. Learn from them and become a better person. Maybe even look at tub argument from their point of view and see what they see.

Overall, if I walk into Dunkin’ Donuts I will still ask for a dozen of glazed donuts whether your’re straight or not. (Yes, this is a hint. 😉 )

Responses from Terrific Bloggers

Marrill Collins – Book Blog 02


“Honestly, I’m always surprised when I hear or see people in 2017 who are sexist or homophobic or transphobic. To me, it’s a goal of life to try to be happy, and if you being happy includes liking someone of the same gender, then go for it! I completely back you up, and there are countless others who do as well, and who can look past your sexuality and actually see you’re personality, which is the important thing. It’s so great that kids are being raised to realize that being gay is okay, and I’m hoping it won’t be too long until it becomes the new “normal” of the world.”

Zoe Gumm – The Crumby Vegan


“To be honest, I have no thoughts on homosexuality. I’ve grown up in a generation and city (London) where homosexuality is accepted and considered as normal as heterosexuality. I stumble on having an opinion on the topic as I would if someone asked me for my opinion on heterosexuality. I like to believe that however a person is born should not be discriminated against, e.g. race, gender, sexuality. It is incredibly unjustified to judge someone for something that comes natural to them whether it be a feeling/aspect of themselves they are unable to change and causes no harm to anyone else. Live and let live 💛”

Julia – Julia Does 
“I consider myself to be an ally of all people. No matter what “class” or “type” of person you may be classified as, I will care for and want what is best for you all the same. So, when it comes to homosexuality, I have no reservations. I am happy that I am fortunate to live in the time period where society is becoming more accepting of homosexuality each day. There is always more room for more love in the world, and it warms my heart to know that there are so many possibilities for people to find love with each other. Apart from my emotions, there is no argument that has been presented to me to make me consider being against homosexuality. It’s completely natural, as it’s been documented in a variety of species on the planet, and since a homosexual couple wouldn’t biologically be able to have children, more opportunity comes about for children without parents to be adopted, and provided with a caring environment. I can’t think of a reason to be against it. People are beautiful, unique, valuable, and I am in full support on any kind of positive energy flowing between people. Love is love.”
Fabiola Rodriguez – Wonder Fabi
“It seems like in our day and age, in the 21st century, society in general should be more accepting towards the gay community, but is it really? On the surface, the gay community is represented in the media and the laws. However, I have gay friends who strive keep their sexuality a secret from almost everyone, including their families. This tells me there’s still a huge lack of acceptance in general. So much so, that many gay people would rather stay in the closet than live an open life. As individuals, we should ask ourselves if we are all doing enough to be more accepting towards the gay community. Are we really drivers of change or are we just faking it? “
“I personally do not understand the controversy over homosexuality. I was raised around family friends who were same sex couples, and never told it was right or wrong. I was able to grow and learn and formulate my own opinions about the world. The idea of being prejudiced against someone for who they love, who makes them happy, is inconceivable to me. The United States Declaration of Independence clearly states that the pursuit of happiness is an inalienable right. I cannot see why or how people feel that those who experience attractions different from their own are not worthy of this inalienable right.”

Responses from Terrific RU Followers

Ashley R.

“Homosexuality is the attraction to someone of your same sex. It is not something you decide, it is simply who you are as a person. I, as a Christian, do not believe it is a sin. Personally, I think that the Bible has been translated so many times that original texts may have literally “been lost in translation”. I don’t believe God would punish people for falling in love. My thoughts are if you’re a homosexual that is awesome and I’m proud of you for finding yourself and not being ashamed.”

Blakley F.

“GUYS… LOVE IS LOVE! It doesn’t matter if you love a man or a woman or whatever else. I am proud to say that I am bisexual and that I don’t care what others say. If this makes me happy then I will continue doing even if it makes some others unhappy. Love is Love and it will always prevail. “

Jamorad K.

“I feel as if Homosexuality is a spirit, and the spirit within it is a sin. Someone may say because you are homosexual you’re going to hell. But I believe that GOD forgives all sin, and all sin is created equal. As to this nation we say, “One Nation, Under GOD.” But my question is, why as a nation under GOD, do we support and allow sin?”

Alex – Nationalist Trump

“As a Christian, I have always been anti gay/LGBT, I don’t view them as natural. The LGBT community is very degenerated and their parades is basically a poison to our society. Kids nowadays think that begin gay is completely natural, and that’s wrong. The Bible warns us about gays and it’s very against them, one example is Leviticus 20:13, and it basically says that gays deserve death. I strongly believe most gays or other trans people do it simply for attention. I am fine with gays who act normally, like for example if a guy is gay but he still acts like a man and doesn’t try to change up his gender then I’m kinda fine with that, under the law we are all equal. But then there’s the trans and other nasty groups that basically come up with genders that no one has ever heard of, not only that they go out and do horrible stuff publicly such as LGBT parades were they go naked and do degenerated nasty stuff. I’m sure that this is part of the liberal media/propaganda to destroy our society and our traditions. To sum it all up, I’m okay with gays who act normally, however they shouldn’t spread their beliefs or get any media attention. What I’m not okay with are the nasty f*ckers who dress like a women, change their voices, disgrace god, and basically f*ck up everything. I feel like our ancestors (Europeans) wouldn’t like what we are having today! We shouldn’t turn our backs on that, so yea f*ck LGBT rights, normal gays are fine. I rather the traditions our ancestors lived by rather then the liberal bullshit the LGBT f*ckers are pushing nowadays, I hope a conservative counterculture takes place (which I believe it will) so we can finally return to our morals and traditions.”

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