I have just met the girl of my dreams! She’s just so perfect. She’s got a beautiful personality. Her smile is so gorgeous and idk. It’s just that everything about her makes so much sense! She has got to be “The One”.  I’ve already decided that I will marry her.

Ha. LOL. JK!

No. This is only a joke and I am extremely glad that it is.

The very first time  I heard about Father Mike was during one of my Catholic Confirmation classes. I really liked the way he expressed himself and I found it really easy to understand what he was trying to explain.  I was on YouTube one day and then I happened to find his YouTube channel called Ascension Presents! All of his videos are phenomenal. I’ve been watching a few of them recently and I really liked them. I think that you’ll like them too, even if you’re not Catholic, Christian, or religious. You can learn a bunch about the Catholic faith simply by watching them.

This particular video stood out from the rest because it talks about a topic that, not only affects adults, but also young teens. I really like what Father Mike says about finding “The One” and I agree that “The One” doesn’t exist. I feel like most teens go through middle school and high school thinking that one of the crushes they have will be their “One”. I certainly know that this was me for a short amount of time.

In 8th grade, I had the biggest crush on this girl. We’ll call her “Jennifer” for this blog post. Jennifer and I had most of our classes together. We even sat next to each other in some of our classes. She seemed to have a great time when we talked. I believed that this was a sign from up above saying that Jennifer and I would end up together. My eighth grade mind didn’t think about what would happen after we graduated into high school.

We took our end of the year tests and spent the last week of middle school playing games and watching movies. The bell rung and we went home. I thought of inviting her to the movies a few times during summer, but I didn’t. Life as a freshman began in August, but we shared no classes. Weeks passed and I eventually forgetting that she was meant to be “The One” for me.

Rolo’s Life Tip #4 – Guys and girls, do NOT worry if your crush doesn’t end up being the love of your life. It’s ok. 

Jennifer and I continue to be friends to this day but I no longer believe she’s the one that I will end up marrying. It was nothing more than a simple crush. This does NOT mean that you can’t have crushes. It just means that your life will not end if you two don’t get married in the future.

I confess. My current crush is simply awesome. She’s smart and has a truly great personality, but I will NOT die if things don’t work out between us. It’s OK. In fact, I would be extremely surprised if we end up married. I will let you guys know if that happens, I promise ;).

Let me know what you guys think about this topic and about Father Mike’s video.


Did anyone else catch that Father Mike grows facial hair in an instant in like the 2nd minute of the video? Lol.

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