I found this awesome video on Facebook and it really made me think about why I exist. It reminded me that I have a purpose. I have absolutely NO IDEA WHY this generation is so negative towards themselves. I never fail to encounter a situation where someone I consider a friends says, “I’m going to kill myself.” They mean it as a joke, but it really isn’t.

This video does a great job with giving us the probability of your existence. It’s great if you can understand Spanish because it will help you understand a lot more. Although, it’s OK if you don’t because the message is very simple.

This is what you need to know:

  • The chances of you parents meeting in one place
    • 1 in 20,000
  • The chances of your parents talking
    • 1 in 10
  • The chances of them going out a second time
    • 1 in 100
  • The chances of them being together until they have children
    • 1 in 2
  • The chance of the sperm which YOU were born out of to meet with your mother’s egg
    • 1 in 400,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
  • Other probabilities

All of this means that the chance of you existing is:

1 in 10²⁶⁸⁵⁰⁰⁰

But what does this number mean? All we know is that it’s a really huge number. The video provides a phenomenal analogy.

The probability of you existing is the same as if 2 million people were to meet at the same place, throw a dice with a trillion faces, and for all of them to get the SAME 12 digit number!

Stop being so negative about who you are. You have a purpose. It may not be what you expect, but you have one. Love yourself.

Just want to remind you guys that this blog wouldn’t be possible without your undying support. Thanks so much for sharing it with your friends and family. 🙂