Wow. Ok.

So much has happened. School has started. Stress has begun taking over. I’m somewhat losing my mind. 

It’s not as bad as I thought it would be. Not yet. My U.S. History class is ok. Mr. Woodward is a great teacher. American Literature with Ms. Hemphill has been weirdly easy. It’s probably only because it’s the first week. I will probably begin feeling the pressure next week. AP Spanish a phenomenal and so is Stats. My Physics teacher is really cool and Speech and Forensics is fun.

According to, students lose enthusiasm for school as their school life progresses. I’m currently a junior in high school and I acknowledge that I don’t feel the same energy I did in freshman year, but I still feel something. I’m super excited for some extracurricular things I will be doing.

One of those extracurricular things is the exCHANGE Club! I’ll be serving as president of that club this year. My team and I plan on doing lots of stuff this year. The club’s purpose is to break the English-Spanish at school and to give our the ability to connect with one another regardless of their cultural background. I think that this is really important. Especially in times like these.

We feel that by providing our Spanish-speaking students means of communicating and making friendships, they are less likely to feel out of place. I feel like they also experience some sort of discrimination. They most likely brush it aside and don’t talk about it.

Feel free to learn more about the exCHANGE Club by visiting our website.

I gave a speech in my Honors American Literature class yesterday and I rocked it! I’m aware that most people have a phobia of public speaking. In fact, 74% of people report they have this fear. I’m one of the lucky few that’s in the other 26%.



The assignment was to give a graduation speech as Holden Caulfield from the Catcher in The Rye. Below is only a snippet of my speech.

A phony is a person that doesn’t keep to their own mind and rules. A phony is a person that forgets to forgive and lives only for the their own benefit.

A wealthy business man that is blind to world poverty, a powerful politician that is deaf to the cries of his people, and a teacher that only teaches what is in the books but fails to teach about life. Those are phonies.

If you’re walking down the street and you see a hungry man, don’t give him money. That’s what a phony would do. Instead, invite him to dinner and get to know the hungry man.

It was a great speech. My other classmates did phenomenal as well.

School will take up a large part of my time now and I may not write as often as I’d like. It’s OK though. I just want to quickly remind you that the RU wouldn’t exist without the support of the few readers I have. Thanks so much! Please continue sharing it with your friends and family.

Much love! – Rolo