So. Almost none of you guys know yet. I haven’t told everyone but…

Mi madre is pregnant!

This is really exciting news and we all eagerly expect the newest addition the the López family.

The Great American Eclipse, which can be seen on the 21st of this month, has brought up an old superstition which can be traced back to the Aztecs. This Mexican rumor says that pregnant women should wear red underwear and/or a safety pin during the eclipse so that their baby is kept safe. A common “result” of not taking these protections is that the baby will develop a cleft lip.

I found a post on Facebook, which of course isn’t reliable, that does a GREAT job convincing people that this superstition has science on its side. It’s originally in Spanish so I’ve provided a rough translation below:

Take a look at the result of the latest scientific research.
Due to the great movement in social networks about the eclipse of next Monday, August 21, and the debates on whether this eclipse will affect pregnant women, the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) in conjunction with the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) Both considered the most important scientific research institutions in the country, worked to determine if they were only theories or there is veracity in popular beliefs.
The results of this research surprised the entire scientific community of the country (approximately 7 people), and not for less, it was concluded that solar radiation to be composed of the set of electromagnetic radiation, amplified when crossed with the moon, and That this star saves 88% of sunlight to illuminate, so that during eclipses the electromagnetic radiation increased by just over 180% of what happens on a normal day.
For obvious reasons, electromagnetic radiation does affect the neural communication of the fetus, causing malformations and other damages.
But the results continue, despite the mockery that exists in social networks for people who recommend pregnant women to use a red ribbon and a secure or pin, it was proven that behind this popular belief there is a great truth. The red ribbon has the effect of reversing ultraviolet radiation, and the pin attracts electromagnetic radiation, acting as a lightning rod, preventing them from affecting the fetus.
It is also recommended to all pregnant women who do not wear black clothes, also clothing in shades of blue or magenta, as these colors work against the red color, increasing UV rays. And the insurance must be a silver-colored pin (the natural color), because if you have a coat of paint or chemical to change the color of the pin, it will detract from the electromagnetic attraction and leave the fetus unprotected.
Share this valuable information with all the pregnant women you know. This is a small effort for future moms, but it can be a great achievement for babies.
#MichMx Announcement”

This post just shows how easy it is to create a fake news.


It has received more than 4.4k likes and 32,000+ shares. It’s absolutely ridiculous. I found an article by USAToday and it shares other superstitions in different cultures. Some protections mentioned include bathing and avoiding cutting fruits. Click here to read more.

Some superstitions are funny and some are just completely ridiculous. Click here to read more about other Hispanic myths about pregnancy. Meanwhile, I will try to convince my family that all of this nothing more than a funny story.

Let me know if you have heard of other superstitions relating the eclipse in the comments below! Also let me know if you have any fun plans for viewing it! Thanks so much!


Rolo’s Life Tip #5: Don’t look directly at the sun during an eclipse. It will hurt your eyes.

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