This past weekend was THE best I have had in such a long time. It was full of many wonders. I regret many things. One of those things is not knowing about the Positively Dangerous program at Life Teen Camp Hidden Lake earlier. I don’t know how to explain how I feel. It’s a mixture of happiness, sadness, and slight anger. I’m happy because it happened and sad because it is over. I’m kinda angry because I know I won’t be seeing the people I met for a very long time and because I have to return to my reality.


I honestly can’t find the right words to describe this experience. It was beautiful, it was perfect. It was filled with God’s love and presence. Hidden Lake is just a marvelous place.



The whole retreat was based of a book called Positively Dangerous by Frank Mercadante. Below is the synopsis provided by the book. I really recommend that you get the book.

“Young people today are looking for opportunities to live their faith with greater conviction and passion. Positively Dangerous  is a book to help ignite an outbreak of faith among teenagers. This book profiles the person of faith by identifying, explaining, and illustrating the characteristics of contagious teenage faith. The book also addresses some of the misconceptions surrounding the expression of an infectious faith. The reader will learn that believers become positively dangerous when they grow (1) in their love for God, (2) in their love for one another, (3) in authenticity, (4) in integrity, and (5) in making the most of evangelistic opportunities. Teens will learn not only how to share the Good News but, more importantly, how to become Good News.

We had an AWESOME speaker, Mike Patin.

Mr. Patin taught me so much and he did this is less than 3 days. I will always remember a small conversation we had. This was before I knew he was Mike. I had just arrived at Hidden Lake and my parish and I sat down outside to eat our lunch. Mike came towards us and said, “You guys are so awesome for giving up your weekend to do this.” and I responded, “Well. I think of it more as an exchange. I’m spending my weekend here and I hope to I learn a lot.” It was a great surprise when I learned he was going to be our guest speaker. I loved him.


As most of you already knew, I am practicing Catholic. I admit that I’m not a perfect practicing Catholic but my experience at Hidden Lake has helped me find my weaknesses. This weekend I learned the two main things that cause us to not be good practicing Catholics: Apathy and Hypocrisy. Then I learned the five characteristics that makes someone Positively Dangerous: 

This picture doesn’t belong to me.
  1. Love God
    1. Main obstacles to this are busyness, pragmatism, the lack of tools, the lack of habits, and the lack of support.
  2. Love Others
    1. Open doors for others. Be courteous.
  3. Be Authentic
    1. Talk the walk
  4. Live with Integrity
    1. Walk the talk
  5. Be On Call
    1. Live with a 24/7 connection to the Holy Spirit.

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I will always remember this trip and I pray to God that you guys have an experience like this and all the friends I made here are always with me. I’ll finish off this blog post with a quick video that I put together in the last 2 minutes.

Just want to thank you guys for your love and nice messages! This blog wouldn’t be possible without your support.

Much love! – Rolo