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The Probability of Your Existence.

The chance of existence is so enormously slim!

The Secret to A Better Life!

Read this blogpost if you need inspiration and share it with those who need inspiring.

Einstein’s Riddle

Can you solve this riddle? Are you smart enough?

16 Years of Life

Today my twin and I have turned 16! Thanks for all the love and support! Read this blogpost to know more about my current life!

Blind with the World’s Greatest Vision

Such an amazing TedTalk with an even more intriguing message. Truly inspiring!

Are you a Multipotentialite?

Picture by Alex Strohl Today I have learned the answer to the most important question to humanity, the question that has befuddled us since the beginning of our existence, What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?... Continue Reading →

Before I Die… I just watched this TedTalk and it has completely changed my perspective on death. I used to believe that we would be born, make some decisions in life, then die. Now I believe that we can do so much... Continue Reading →

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Travel. London. Life.

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