Things To Do

Hey! I thought that some of you may be bored so I decided to help you out! Here are some things to do when you’re bored.

Check out these great bloggers!

My Heart of Mexico

No Hay Bronca Got a hankering for some time on a tropical beach? Deep blue sky, turquoise water, gentle waves and soft sand? A styrofoam cooler by your side, packed with sweating Coronas? Yeah, that sounds about right.

The Procrastinating Poet

A humble little space of the internet home to current affairs, travel, food, fashion and beauty, and extracts into my creative and crazy mind.

Live Local Think Tourist

Be a Local Tourist: Explore any city, including yours, with a mix of both sides

Amanda Heiser Writes

a place for fiction and poetry


“I am a big time dreamer and the blog has two purposes – documenting my journey to becoming a marketer and speaker and writer as first one and inspiring people along the way. I believe in my dreams, no matter how impossible they sound and I’m working for them to come true and i want other people to believe in their biggest dreams and start pursuing them.”

Play some games!

Here are some of my favorites!



This is way too much fun! I have only played this with a CPU and I have once with a score of 66 to 32! This is a great way to challenge yourself! Click here to play and let me know how you do in the comments below!


Dude. You NEED to play this. Especially if you would like to procrastinate. My current highest mass is 1004 with my top position as 14.

Toys Vs. Nightmares


I rate this game 10 out of 10. Its really engaging. I love the various character in it. Click here to play it.

Play some mobile games!

Here are some FREE games that you can download on your mobile device now.

GREAT GAME! I’ve spent more time on this than on my U.S. History homework.